By Kamlesh Tripathi

I & U

I was right and U were wrong,

And that brought about the storm,

Where U were the cacophony, but I was the song,

And my song alone,

Made our lives, float in the storm.


  But what had floated and what had drowned,

No one had any count,

For it had only become a one way war of ego,

Where I had won,

But humble U had drowned.


In the March-past of life,

I … was like fire and U … like water,

Where fire kept burning,

And water kept dousing.


And in the meanderings of a long life,

I kept insinuating,

Where U kept giving,

Which, I kept loving.


Until one day,

When I thought it had outflanked U,

And with that it had turned the tables,

And won the bastion,

But in all of this,

Fairness had drowned.


I said, U gave on your own—the riches,

And I never asked for it,

Where U felt,

To save the embarrassment,

 I needn’t ask for it.


U was hurt,

But I was rejoicing,

For I thought it had won,

When U had not even lost.


And all along in the toppings of life,

U couldn’t learn,

What it had learnt,

At the decline of life.


But now there wasn’t any choice,

Thought U,

At the twilight of life,

As U walked away from I,

Into the setting sun,

Is when I rejoices to its wayward life.




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