By Kamlesh Tripathi


Some things are hard to write about. Some causes are hard to pursue. Some realities are hard to accept. But that’s life.

Yesterday, we were in Apollo Hospital, Delhi, to offer financial help to a couple of children combating cancer quite stoically and that too with a brave smile. As a cancer activist let me confess, I often draw courage from such brave young children who fight cancer to the hilt. And I rate them as the ultimate in the rungs of courage.

Tanmoy Anand


Tanmoy Anand was the first child we met there. A male toddler, barely, a year and nine months, and suffering from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), hailing from Bihar. And it made me feel as if God is really cruel. Tanmoy appeared a bundle of innocence, joy, pain and hope. We wish him fast recovery.


Wamik Habib


The second child that we came across was Wamik Habib from Baramulla, Kashmir. He is a ten year old son, of one Mr Habibullah, a shopkeeper. Wamik was full of energy and no one could imagine he is suffering from Burkitt’s Lymphoma as he was busy speaking to his folks back in Kashmir while camping in the hospital with his father. We wish him a speedy recovery too.

Life strikes a different chord when you meet someone who is on the wrong side of health and as a result of which the philosophy of life changes at once. Each time I cross a hospital I feel God has left a very thin line between the patients inside and me, and I must be grateful to God for that.

Thanks to all our esteemed donors.



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