By Kamlesh Tripathi

simple 1 simplicity 2 simplicity


Happiness lies in the art of simplicity,

Joy lies in the craft of simplicity,

Peace lies in the prowess of simplicity,

And divinity abodes in the womb of simplicity.


Simplicity is the panacea for all times,

A tutor for bad times,

A compass for good times,

And a master-key for a lifetime.


It is reverse of rigidity,

Averse to autocracy,

Opponent to glamour,

And an enemy of showbiz.


In the run up to life,

It was always a game of might,

Where showbiz was hailed,

But simplicity ever stayed.


In the mainstays of my life,

Though complexities were galore,

And glamour was endorsed,

Only simplicity was age old.


For glamour and showbiz,

Fed on limelight,

Where glamour was gaudy,

And showbiz was shoddy.

Where simplicity looked like a enjoyable hobby.


And then one day I realised,

Glamour and showbiz were finite,

Where simplicity was infinite,


Is when I enchanted,

Without getting daunted,

To handhold the magic art of simplicity.


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