By Kamlesh Tripathi

first step first step1 first step2



In the journey of life,

Taking the first step was always a fright,

For there was no direction in sight,

Because it was a maiden flight,

And success was nowhere in hype.


A small beginning was all that mattered,

To bring about even a big charter,

Determined I coursed my way as I began my tread,

Only to realise the first step was bigger than the chapter.


Big things have small beginnings,

Small steps have longer journeys,

For first step breaks the inertia,

And first step starts the journey,

And journey takes you on the mission.


Remember first step is the dare,

And so you need to be beware,

For first step is path breaking,

And path-breaking is water shed.


And to bring about your watershed,

Don’t fear the first step,

For fear is road block and fear is your enemy,

And between fear and action,

Lies the destiny,


And if you don’t feel the need of a first step,

Ask yourself why,

For if you want moments of high,

It has to be through the skies,

And skies are not available,

Till you take the first step to fly.


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