By Kamlesh Tripathi


    The desperate debate raging on ‘Equal Internet’ in India is reflecting very badly on the Czars of telecos. Who otherwise project themselves to be the cat’s whiskers. In their day to day life they project themselves as honest citizens. True to India and its citizenry and especially its youth-force. But behind the scene they form such unethical cartels. That may scuttle and whittle the chances of many innovators and beginners and that too just for some extra pennies.

    This stealthy move jeopardizing equal internet has however exposed them. Ruling BJP should be very careful in playing into their hands. As they have lost a lot of sheen. Ever since they came to power. For not much has changed on the ground. The so called “Acchey Din” continues to be that alluring mirage. Please join the movement against this day light robbery of internet freedom.

Nice editorial in TOI of today: for your ready perusal

“An Equal Internet

Government and Trai heed citizens cry for net neutrality”

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