(Late K.P. Tripathi: 1910- 14.4.1984)

(Ex-Member of 1 st Parliament, Finance Minister of Assam, Vice-President INTUC, Chairman National Textiles Corporation)

Exactly this day, 31 years ago you left us; but you are as fresh and relevant in our lives even today. And that is the making of a noble and great soul.

Every now and then, after a couple of steps I halt to reminisce your teachings and will continue do so.

May you rest in peace.

9 thoughts on “REMEMBRANCE

  1. I apologize for asking a question like this but here it goes anyway: was late Mr. K. P Tripathi related to Professor A.N Tripathi? Prof. Tripathi taught mining engineering at BHU a long time ago. Prof. Tripathi was married to an aunt of mine from my father’s side. My father, Mahesh Kumar Shukla, passed away in 1969 when I was 2 years old. I have never had any contact with my father’s family. I have always wanted to know more about them and the only information I have is Prof. A. N Tripathi was a relative of mine and his brother was once a minister in Assam.

    Regards. — Rajiv

    1. Dear Mr Rajiv Shukla,

      Late Mr. K. P. Tripathi was the elder brother Late Mr A. N. Tripathi who was a Prof in BHU. I happen to be the youngest son of Mr K. P. Tripathi. Prof Tripathi passed away many years ago. His wife (Dulari Chachi) lives in Bhopal with her daughter Chaya. I stay in Delhi-NCR as well as in Lucknow. How about you? If you so desire you could introduce about yourself in greater detail.


      Kamlesh Tripathi

      1. Hi, is it possible to share contact email address of daughter of Dulari Devi? Regards. — Rajiv

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