By Kamlesh Tripathi


Ever since the stormy news of Rahul Gandhi’s sabbatical for ‘personal introspection’ during the ensuing budget session came in. Both the media and the social networking sites in India have hounded him to cruel smithereens. A parallel of which one cannot remember, at least in the recent past.

When, other, light and more decent ‘critical’ phrases could have been used to put him down. Double-meaning expressions like ‘missing in action’ (MIA) were continuously aired by certain TV channels, knowingly or unknowingly.

‘MIA is a casualty classification assigned to armed services personnel and other combatants who are reported missing during wartime. They may have been killed, wounded, become a prisoner of war, or even deserted. If deceased, neither their remains nor grave has been positively identified.’ And, so the usage of MIA was in bad taste and a clear case of media going overboard.


And that brings us to the moot point. Is the youth of this country (as reflected in social networking sites) which is sixty five percent of the Indian population, getting intolerant to failures. That they won’t even spare a person around, their own age group. While this is a welcome sign and also an insignia of progress. It is also a double edge sword. For, in times to come Indian youth with lack of opportunities and explosion of population will surely witness failures in every family, and will every family then treat their loved ones in the manner they have treated Rahul Gandhi, over the last couple of days. For let us not forget he is still part of the great Indian family.


Most blame Rahul Gandhi for ditching the Congress party at the crucial Budget session. There are other reports that say he is set to bid adieu to politics. Some say he is unable to have his way with the old guard and therefore beating a tactical retreat.

And we all know, with all the effort put in by him he could not win a single election for his party, in the near past. Many of his own party men are blaming him for the state in which Congress is today. When most of them are either, arm chair politicians, lawyers or inconsequential statesmen. But there are certain other points also to be considered before we rip this man completely.

Rahul Gandhi signals a new kind of India. Where, a politician may leave the turf and decide to do something else. Which may be worth his while and worth his salt, during his lifetime. And that should be taken in the stride; and not be indecently reported by the media. For one will see more politicians behaving in this fashion in times to come. So, give the loser his due.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says ‘I don’t dream for success in what I do. I only dream to do something worthwhile.’ This is a very powerful statement in today’s context and more so in Rahul Gandhi’s context. So whether you lose or win keep moving. As there is no intrinsic insult in moving away from politics. For politics is only heart burning and time consuming mistress for some. Perhaps, Narendra Modi could have nudged the media to be a little more relenting towards Rahul Gandhi this time, more so when the youth of India looks up to him.

Let us not forget in the emerging India there won’t be any fixed route to politics. For it won’t be necessary to remain a politician all your life. For one could also be a politician like Kiran Bedi who excels in one field and takes away Satish Upadhyay’s due. Or be a tornado like Arvind Kejriwal to take Delhi by storm.

But coming back to Rahul. At least he goes on leave all by himself. Whereas, some like LK Advani and MM Joshi are sent on leave. So which is better? And, India shouldn’t forget its great culture of being humane to all. Irrespective of a winner or a loser.



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