WHAT IS #PLAGUING #CONGRESS? A #voter’s perspective



‘It is just cyclic and a vote against anti-incumbency so no big time worry. For, we’ll get back when BJP’s bag is also filled with anti-incumbency.’ Perhaps, most Congressmen feel like this. But, I feel otherwise, as the general perception about Congress has changed and stands much negated now. And unless they come out with a complete makeover for PAN-INDIA voters, things won’t improve. Remember, from a ruling coalition they have now become a paltry opposition in the centre. And in states from the main opposition they have downgraded themselves to third and in some states even the fourth position, yet they have a tremendous appetite, to keep smiling. But even with all the smiles the climb-up will not be easy.


And in a rare manner Sonia Gandhi too is losing steam in gradual and ageing progression. This gets more accentuated with her illness.

Reluctant crown prince Rahul Gandhi goes on and on huffing, puffing, meandering from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari like a whirlwind, but to no avail. His gesture of not grabbing the one time opportunity of becoming the Prime Minister when it came his way spills truckloads of beans.

Priyanka the last hope of Congress resurrection stands hand tied to her ‘baggage’ husband Robert Vadra soaked in unkempt land scams to filthy snobbery that people haven’t forgotten- ‘these mango people.’ Rest is sadly the reminiscent of the flummery by pygmies and opportunists; are reasons why Congress is, where it shouldn’t have been.


So then what should Congress do? Close shop or retake charge. I think it should go for the latter- take charge. But who should take charge, the first family or the Party? I guess the first family without which there is no Congress, as most of these, so called loyalists are now seen with their ‘turncoats’ more pronounced as the ‘black coats’ in their respective courts, up to Supreme Court; as they came not to conquer but to make hay while the sun was not even shinning.

But this time while gathering the disheveled Congress, ensure all the transplants are well designed both aesthetically and technically. For make no mistake a mere makeover will only be a waste of time as your voters have moved to more receptive faces when they lost their own face in Congress. I have some suggestions for the Congress Party:

1. General perception of Congress: General-Public is a bunch of fools and can be fooled not once but several times. Change this mindset.

2. It is considered to be a Party that always tilts towards minority and especially towards the Muslim community and even schedule caste and tribe, only for the vote bank. Even if this is not true they should remove this perception.

3. Replace ornamental words like ‘SECULAR’ and ‘COMMUNAL FORCES’ with youth identifying words like DEVELOPMENT-JOBS-EMPLOYMENT-GROWTH-OPPORTUNITIES-GLOBAL.

4. Come out openly, heavily against all those corrupt Congressmen who cheated the nation and the list is long; but you can do this only if the top is clean. Even now it is not late. The voters won’t mistake you on the contrary will appreciate you.

5. Be a more accountable Party. If the 1st family of the Party cannot accept accountability; get someone else to the forefront. Maybe some new young face that can drive the party and understand the psychology of voters better. Old, hackneyed faces that have made their big bucks and their children who have forged a dynastic deal will only irritate the voters.

6. Let Congress be something more than the New Delhi’s Lutyens club. Get some new grassroots workers and flag them high as your new mascot.

7. Move from the mentality of ‘ruling’ to ‘serving.’ Shed arrogance.

8. The shameful manner in which some of your ministers handled Anna Hazare movement is still not forgotten. Ask them to apologise to the Public of India.

9. PM Dr Manmohan Singh says he had to take certain decisions under coalition dharma. Why couldn’t he observe the noble dharma –resign and go home then be surrounded by scams.

10. Incorrigible, weak, sheepish and play it by the year kind of a foreign policy with arrogant foreign ministers of no nerve and mettle. Replace such gentry.

11. Congress is unable to identify itself with 65% of the Indian Population that is below the age of 35 years. Build a new marketing strategy for this.

12. It believes in only providing subsidies to the downtrodden for their subsistence but has no programme for their rapid progress. The current generation doesn’t want subsistence; rather they want to see rampant progress for themselves.

13. Prime Minister and national leaders are supposed to be iconic personalities and role models but Congress’s recent Prime was never home on these yard sticks.
14. Don’t work, don’t perform, don’t take decisions, encourage corruption, keep hanging on to your chair, power, position, perks and conveniently blame coalition dharma. Hello!! This is Prime Minister of Congress Party, who could have done better.

15. Congress allowed a whole lot of infiltration of Bangladeshis just for vote bank politics. Indians in India don’t get jobs and you allowed Bangladeshis to grab many menial jobs.

16. It always believed and still believes in divide and rule. Something they had learnt from the Colonial rule. It won’t work now.
17. They now appear as pseudo-intellectuals, bereft of marketing prowess and aggression and not able to match the fire and fury of Narendra Modi and the present day BJP.
18. You need to have fire brand orators. Have many more faces in your bill boards and promote local and regional leaders.

Time is running out. So act fast, as by not acting the to-do list of survival will only get longer.


1 thought on “WHAT IS #PLAGUING #CONGRESS? A #voter’s perspective

  1. Excellent write up with deep analysis. Only way of revival for congress will be with the approach mentioned. It ill be sad if congress doesn’t change their approach and start acting as suggested after doing further brainstorming.

    As on date there is no opposition to BJP and this is not a good sign. Congress need to revive themselves and need to bounce back so that BJP will be on toes.

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