I feel it is time to dismantle the Police Department because of the following reasons:

1. It is not contributing enough for the development of India.
2. It has just become a VIP security wing with a lot of nuisance value.
3. It does not stand with the common man of India. And provides little or no help.
4. It is corrupt right from the traffic police to the top barring some exceptions.
5. It does not have a strong commitment to serve, except for serving VIPs.
6. Recent episodes like drinking in the police station in Kota Rajasthan, beating up an innocent person in Bengaluru and several other atrocities indicate they are a callous lot. They are not even extraordinary in investigating cases.
7. Although in Police, where you require a lot of spine, but many senior Police officers don’t show any spine and only dance to the tune of Netas. That shows the sychophancy.
8. Their level of preparedness is a big question mark. They never reach on time like the recent episode in NOIDA where the PCR van ran out of fuel.
9. It has become too casual about everything except VIPs. Rather it is a force meant only for the VIPs
10. They only sit in Thana and do clerical work of writing reports.
11. They don’t even write an FIR in the normal course unless you put some pressure
So with all this how are they helping the citizenry of India? Do they help a common man in any way.

So then can we replace this force with something else that is more friendly and accountable?


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