By Kamlesh Tripathi

Thanks to Club Mahindra for our beautiful trip to Goa.


In the lap of beaches,

And cradle of ravines,

In the vicinity of high seas,

Lies she—to my glee.


Splashing all the way on one side,

 Is the Arabian Sea,

And rising high on the other,

Is the Western Ghats with its aromatic breeze. .


And stretching all across,

Is the wave of Konkan,

Well bounded by tall Karnataka,

And robust Maharashtra,

To my ecstasy.


From rivers galore to heritage hallowed,

It has water, lush and the blush,

From Mandovi to Francis Xavier,

From Aguada to dolphins,

And from cruise to casinos,

It has everything, but me.


It reminds you of Parashurama,

Who fought back the advancing seas,

To save the lands of Konkan,

From the turbulent seas.


From temples of Devi,

To shivalaiyas of Shiva,

From ferry cruise to waterfalls

Goa remains a paradise to see.


An Epitome of Utopia,

Last word in greenery,

First choice in scenery,

And ultimate countryside in serenity,

A destination to recoup,

Where every bit is a wonderland,

Without being in the foreign land.


Where Portuguese came,

Only to remain,

Till India conquered,

Goa’s firm reigns.


Friendly people,

Noble souls,

Where one doesn’t fear,

Nocturnal strolls.


Water sports,


Dance and band,

Pub and hug,

In the least of smug.


Soft friends and cordial people,

Where disciplined drivers make civilized traffic,

With no lights in busy crossings,

And no honking, as Goa speaks without talking.


It feels like heaven,

As if I’m just out of Old- Tavern,


I loved being there,

Where memories need to be preserved,

But I will often wonder

How soon I can re-visit

Goa and its thunder.



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