By Kamlesh Tripathi



For every triumph I praised myself,

For each success I hailed myself,

But for each failure,

I never nailed myself.


Failures were hard to ingest,

And they were hard to digest,

And, therefore, for all my failures,

I created a villain in my life.


Whom I blamed fair and square,

Whom I condemned in all my nightmares,

And cursed each time I was in despair,

For all the failures that I couldn’t repair,

And this became a habit while in distress.


Until one day,

In utter rage,

I killed the villain with my own umbrage,

Fearing I had created a Frankenstein,

That might return some day.


For, I thought, forever, my failures were over,

And my debacles are forestalled,

So villain is no more required,

But success was still awaited,

Where my final victory was only round the corner.


So happily I proceeded,

Despising the villain,

Amplifying myself,

But not adhering to the tenets of life.


But as life would have it,

This time it was a calamity that struck,

Wiping out, all my successes,

And bringing about my doomsday.


But this time I had no one to blame,

As the villain was dead,

Whom I had killed myself,

And that made me realize,

Do own up your success,

But don’t blame someone else for your mistakes.


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