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By Kamlesh Tripathi


“Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts; not amidst joy.” – Felicia Hemans

So true! And quite undoubtedly, when cancer strikes, it takes you to those long and dark tunnels, from where you need only a warrior’s might to return.

And, as a part of our NGO activity today, I met two bright young, smiling girls braving it out, with cancer. They were nothing else, but an unrelenting streak of energy and confidence. And I’m more than sure they will be out of the scourge soon. And, to help them smile we made a contribution towards their treatment. So join us in wishing them the best.

Neha KumariMiss Neha Kumari, age, 15 years, is from Katihar, in Bihar. She doesn’t have her parents and she is here with her uncle for treatment, who happens to be a student. The family income is a measly five thousand rupees. She is suffering from ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia-blood cancer) and the treatment will cost around rupees 4 lacs. We wish her all the best.
2. Miss Sheetal Sharma, age, 13 years, is from Faridabad. Her father is a driver and earns a monthly salary of around seven thousand. She has bone cancer, for the past one year and the treatment, will cost around rupees 6-8 lacs.

We salute the uncle of Neha, and parents of Sheetal for tirelessly fighting the battle.

Our best wishes to them.

For contributions:

  1. Account name: Shravan charity mission

HDFC account number: (04801450000140) / IFSC code: (HDFC0000480)

  1. Account name: Shravan charity mission

Bank of India ac no: (680510110004635)/  IFSC code: (BKID0006805)

  1. Account name: Kamlesh Tripathi (for overseas $ transfer)

ICICI account no: (008301504072)/ IFSC code: (ICIC0000018)


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