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KAMLESH TRIPATHI (freelance writer, author and Social Worker)


‘I’m feeling low, #sad or #depressed’ is something we hear almost on a daily basis from friends, colleagues, peer group, relatives and even close family members. You may call it depression, state of mind, syndrome, life style occurrence or all in one, as it is difficult to delineate? So, for the time being let’s call it a ‘Sad State of Mind (SSOM)
The frequency, in some may be high and in some low. However, it spares no one except children up to a certain age group. Does it then mean that as soon as you start facing life you encounter SSOM?

Perhaps yes, and it transcends across age groups, sex and professions. Yet, it encounters everyone in the legerdemain of life. I too have SSOM. And, it comes uninvited, at odd hours like an unwanted guest, not knowing how long it…

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