By Kamlesh Tripathi

narendra modi

P.M. NARENDRA MODI—from the voice of India, to the silent mode.

India voted for Sri Narendra Modi first, BJP second. For, in a short span of time he had become the voice of India even before he had won the elections for BJP. But his deafening silence this time in #Lalitgate will affect his image adversely. The way people remember his eloquent speeches, they will now remember his sting of silence signifying, as if he supported corruption. A very costly mistake. And, unfortunately for him, the public memory is not short anymore, because of the media. He should break his silence forthwith.



By not resigning she is bringing her illustrious career to an end. As the first thing that will come to peoples mind when they think about her now on will be #Lalitgate and impropriety and nothing else. She has also ignored the subtle advice of L. K. Advani, the patriarch of BJP which is another mistake. And in this entire huff and puff she has helped no else, but the opposition. Such an experienced politician should have kept abreast with the golden adage, ‘a man is known by the company he keeps,’ and ignoring that she kept her friendship alive to the extent of impropriety, with Lalit Modi. And at this political hara-kiri one can only wish her the best.



Too has committed a similar mistake of sticking to the chair. In future she and even her son will be remembered for serious controversies and which are perception wise even anti national. She again has handed over crores of votes to her rival party Congress, on a platter.


fadnavis Kiren_Rijiju_(cropped)

Where was the need to go and throw your weight around hapless air-passengers? Perhaps, the power has got into their heads. Before this incident people had a good and positive impression about these two young leaders of BJP. And what irritates the hapless public more is after bullying the airline, they even tell lies with equal temerity. This costly mistake of theirs people will never forget as they will be remembered as, ‘accha woh minister jo plane mein dadagiri karta tha.’ They can apologise even now, as they are young and have a long way to go.



She went, hammer and tongs against Rahul Gandhi. But she herself is caught in a degree row and she happens to be the HRD minister of the country. If she had some controversial degrees and certificates she could have stayed away from the Union Cabinet. BJP has come to power after a decade and with a huge mandate and the strategy of BJP should be to perform in a manner that makes others envious but on the contrary what is coming to the fore is stupid controversies by some teeny-weeny BJP leaders.



Again with no idea about policies and procedures goes and orders stuff worth over 200 crores. And Devendra Fadnavis justifies it prima-facie. With such leaders and ministers BJP doesn’t require enemies as it is committing its own unplanned hara-kiri.

And as a BJP supporter, I would request Sri Narendra Modi to immediately grip this turbulent ship hard, to bring it back to the course.


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