CROSSTALK: WHO HELPS WHOM … the X-factors of politics

Shravan charity mission


By Kamlesh Tripathi


Dr Manmohan Singh after bitterly criticizing BJP in the morning calls on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the afternoon. Many TV channels speculate as to why this meeting took place. There are rumours galore that he went to tutor the PM on how to run Indian economy, and some said he called on the Prime Minister for asylum; owing to the various scams committed during UPA regime. And, BJP won the general elections because of the scams.

Well on the face of it BJP and Congress might be bitter rivals but the moral of the story is even a bitter rival can give his opponent a lifetime of an opportunity. Perhaps, PM Narendra Modi didn’t forget this gesture of Dr Manmohan Singh. So, in politics who helps whom is often not in the hands of politician.



Mohd Asaduddin Owaisi, is a bitter rival of BJP…

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