MODI GOVERNMENT DOES WELL: Rent won’t allow longer stay in Lutyens’ zone now


By Kamlesh Tripathi

New Doc 66_1

Narendra Modi government has done extremely well by disallowing, Politicians and Bureaucrats to continue in their ‘Paradise’ (official Lutyens’ zone bungalows) when it’s a clear case of ‘Paradise-lost.’

Government truly is not a real estate agent and is not there to make money on such properties. By bringing about this order, BJP has hit at some politicians and bureaucrats where it hurts the most.

Recently TOI had covered shameless politicians like Ambika Soni and Kumari Selja of Congress party who were digging their heels for their sprawling bungalows, when they don’t deserve it anymore. Congress had converted Lutyens’ zone into a “Private Estate.”

Well done Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr Venkaiah Naidu!

Suggestion: The more you remove VVIP-ISM more you will stand a chance of returning in the next elections. Remember Indians are now frustrated with vulgar display of VVIP-ISM.

TOI: column 25.5.15 ‘Rent won’t allow longer stay in Lutyens’zone now.


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