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Kamlesh Tripathi goes Creative from Corporate

After having made a niche for himself in the corporate sector for over three decades, Kamlesh Tripathi finds ultimate solace in writing. The story that prompted Kamlesh to take to writing is heart-wrenching in itself.

People write for different reasons and Kamlesh took to the pen to tell the story of Shravan, his son’s fatal battle with cancer which lasted 14 long years. Gloom Behind the Smile is his first book and served as catharsis for Kamlesh. The overwhelming response to the book made Kamlesh write more about his life’s experiences. One to Tango … Ria’s Odyssey is his second book that underscores the subject of single hood with an interesting twist of suspense.

It is a story of a single girl who deals with life’s struggles in her own way and which is difficult to fathom by those who are alien to the experience of singlehood.

It is rightly said, that one may leave Lucknow, but Lucknow never leaves you. Kamlesh’s third and recent title is Aadab Lucknow… fond memories which is co-authored by his wife Sujata. This is a labour of love dedicated to the city of Lucknow!

The story is about a group of friends, called the Langotia Gang, who spend their childhood and teen years in the Nawabi city but, like most us, are forced to move to other places to make a living.

They eventually return to see what Lucknow is up to? Smiling, giggling, laughing or weeping? Let’s figure out! This inquisitiveness brings them back to their city which shaped their respective lives.

The book gives a nuanced account of Lucknow’s unique Tehzeeb, cuisine and Hindu-Muslim brotherhood,  but doesn’t spare the political arrogance and vendetta that contemporary Lucknow is also infested with. Every Lucknowite is bound to relate the book because of the candid and vivid narration of the Tripathis that is gripping. The authors have deliberately made use of colloquial words spoken in Lucknow but for those unfamiliar with the vocabulary there is a glossary.

Kamlesh’s next title is a collection of short stories. He does not want to say more about the still to be published book but in his own words it will “definitely touch your heart.”

Having been through many a soul stirring experience, Kamlesh says that he likes to write for children battling deadly diseases.

“Let me also confide I only write to help poor children suffering from life threatening diseases and this work is done through our NGO ‘Shravan Charity Mission.’ The satisfaction of helping such children is immense. Perhaps God gave me this pain to realize this,” he adds.

Kamlesh is a writer that city looks up to and now his writing is making waves even beyond Lucknow’s borders. His writing is catalogued by many leading libraries like Open Library, Ames Library (Minnesota USA), Library and archives (Canada), Library of Cancer Aid and Research Foundation (Mumbai) along with the prestigious Library of Congress (Washington DC, USA).


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