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Where are ‘acchey din?’

Mr Chairman/CMD whoever you are:  is this how IGL operates?


On 20th October I had made a payment through a cheque to IGL for pipeline gas connection and since then six months have passed and the connection has not been commissioned. Business Partner number is 7000083109

The IGL staff that is doing the work on the ground consists of some people who are most callous about customer care. On six occasions a particular person told me he will come for inspection, latest being yesterday when one of their officials Mr Saurabh said he will come but never came. And they do not even have the decency to call and say they couldn’t come, and will come on some other day. Perhaps being in government they feel they are above all.

This is when our Prime Minister is talking of ‘acchey din’ when such officials are letting him down.

Mr Chairman/CMD of Indraparstha Gas Ltd. please tell me whom to contact?


Kamlesh Tripathi

9971494795, 0120-2845009

CC- PMO /Ministry of Petroleum/ yeswecan PMO website, IGL website


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