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Neither Popcorn nor Vadapaav, nor Prime-Time shows can force people, to see Marathi movies. If the movie has content it doesn’t require any of these support systems and if doesn’t, then support systems may help once or may be twice but not beyond that. And, it is indeed ironic that Devendra Fadnavis, CM of Maharashtra sitting in the thicket of Indian film industry missed this moot point, or he shammed, by offering an expired political lollipop. For at his beck and call is the entire Bollywood film industry who could have suggested better ways to promote Marathi movies, and thereby, Marathi culture. But before that the CM needs to make up his mind if he wants to Promote ‘Marathi’ culture only via Marathi movies; and have all other ways and means of promoting Marathi culture, been exhausted?

Promoting a ‘culture’ is a two way process and not a three hour film show as being made out. Movies can definitely provide a fillip to cultures, but then ‘cultures’ per se, also need to reach out to areas and population where it too wants to spread.

And, in fact the great old ‘Marathi’ culture does not require the crutches of any Marathi film, positioned in prime time and posh PVRs. But, what it requires is the seamless intermingling and hand holding with other communities, languages and societies and for this to happen some Marathi Netas should stop their periodic tirades against people who have settled in Mumbai and Maharashtra from other states.

For, let us not forget, though all-time great, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had an iron grip on his sword, he also had a family called ‘Bharat’ also called ‘India.’


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