India belongs to we the VVIP and the rest can go to hell by drowning themselves in the sufficiently large Arabian sea or the Bay of Bengal, and for the rest who can’t reach there umpteen rivers are there or climb atop those lofty mountains or any sky-scraper and jump from there, for there is no place for NON-VIPS in India anymore. This is what the meek India is coaxed to feel by the arrogant India, shamelessly, personified by these VVIPs in flesh and blood. This VVIP class (Politicians-Bureaucrats-Judiciary) is not even 1% of the Indian population; but in the manner 1% of the world’s population controls 48% of the world’s wealth, these VVIP’s too control the entire India.

Perhaps, some of these VVIPs must also be feeling that Mahatma Gandhi, our father of the nation was perhaps an idiot, to have travelled third class and roamed in loin cloth, to live a life of simplicity; which we are not. And, so grab everything out, of the frail guts of this cattle class, of meek India.

And, for the meek India, Maharajas of the ancient India or Viceroys of the colonial British Raj, as if had never left but only got swapped by the arrogant India. Today, arrogant India very blatantly exploits the meek India by the sledgehammer of VVIP-ISM; by blocking roads for endless hours, taking their vehicles right up to the tarmac where their aircrafts are parked, by having separate lanes for themselves and also insulting senior citizens, differently abled persons and children who are made to stand in long queues while they walk in at the last moment by-passing security cordons, with their gun toting security guards. They delay lacs and lacs of workers going to office and factories by their stupid traffic movement and then talk of industrial output. They kill patients in ambulances by halting ambulances and then talk of health.


In the British Raj, in many cities of India there were some roads and lanes, where Indians could not enter during certain hours (such as main roads and mall roads in many cities) and pitifully we find the same atrocious culture seeping back to haunt the meek India in a more aggressive manner, just to satisfy arrogant India’s egos.

Today, meek India is standing at a crowded crossroad, not knowing which way to go and whom to look at, as all look to be the same, and in the process is losing faith in the institution of democracy that comes through the windows of these elected representatives of political parties and their cahoots in bureaucracy and even the judiciary. For starting from Congress that invented the VVIP-ISM post British Raj; today even BJP sings the same tune after having promised to go the other way, and who knows, tomorrow AAP that started primarily on anti- corruption an anti- VIP culture too may get lured to VVIP-ISM.

And what is more mystifying is the posture in which ‘arrogant India’ approaches ‘meek India’ with folded hands with a promise to serve as a dutiful ‘Public Servant’ thereby exploiting the simplicity of the meek India and once they are elected they show their real ugly face and feudal mindset.

They do everything under the sun to justify the VVIP-ISM- the hateful Lal Batti culture. They operate like parasites on hard earned tax payer’s money and refuse to reform themselves. They inculcate venomous values in their children too and would never bury the skeleton of being called the lord and master.

So what did ‘meek India’ get post-independence? They got Bapu’s- third class, his loin cloth and above all his simplicity and values; and the arrogant class? Well they became the modern day Maharajas and didn’t let the Britishers leave India in the real sense.


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