This prestigious contest, for the coveted seat of Delhi sounds the bugle of a changing India. For Indian politics in the last 24 hours has moved an eon after Kiran was declared as the Chief Ministerial candidate for BJP. What India is now witnessing is a political contest of an ideal nature and that too between the two of India’s most upright and daring bureaucrats, and Ramon Magsaysay Awardees. And, it will not surprise me if both behind the scene would sigh a relief for having succeeded in bringing in, persons of substance in their own form into Indian Politics, albeit from different political parties. It doesn’t matter who wins or who loses as they both win in ideology and with them Anna Hazare, along with the people of India. As the citizens of India always longed for persons of substance in the Indian polity. For politicians like Kiran and Kejri alone in the long run can die-cast the party’s mindset for a triumphant India.

Let us for a moment forget Kiran and Kejri belong to rival parties. But their earlier journeys have been through the same UPSC campus, followed by the same corrupt corridors of power that they detested and found solace in the platform of India Against Corruption. Where, they were mentored by social activist #Anna Hazare; and so their commonality of cause and conscience may not diverge or dilute that soon. That apart, it should even be a proud moment for Anna Hazare. As two of his most ardent supporters and persons of substance and tall Indians are locked in a Herculean battle to set right the capital of India.

While Kiran a 1972 IPS officer and a Ramon Magsaysay awardee, always had that rare streak of dare for the right cause. Valiantly exhibited during her active service and post service life. Kejriwal, on the other hand is a former IRS officer and an IITian, again a Ramon Magsaysay awadee, for Emergent Leadership recognizing his involvement in a grassroots movement (Parivartan) using Right-to-Information legislation, against corruption. Truly a man of conviction.

Indian voters always cribbed about decent gentry not entering the political fray and cursed the Goonda Raj plaguing the power corridors of India. But with the entry of Kiran and Kejri in the political mainstream the bench strength of ethical politics will only move north and might just save India from ethical holocaust. As under any circumstances these two will only up the ante for good governance and anti-corruption. However their competence at the CM chair is something we will have to wait and watch.

And out of the ‘Acchey Din’ that PrimeMinister Narendra Modi promised India. This is one of the most significant ones that goes unnoticed. For, he has brought in Kiran to challenge Kejri. To only raise the standard of governance.

Between Kiran or Kejri who will win I don’t know, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his out-of-the-box thinking has made India win. And for the traditional politicians: start becoming a ‘person of substance’ if you don’t want to be overtaken.


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