Snippet: Cricket, corruption and stubbornness- Lord God Vishnu in conversation with SRINIVASAN



By Kamlesh Tripathi

A snippet

One day, Lord God Vishnu, during one of his sojourns came across N. Srinivasan, the ousted BCCI chief, while he was frequenting his temple-abode atop, a tall hillock. Srinivasan, was attired in a crisp dhoti, bare-chested, appearing that devout Hindu with a holy kumkum- tilak on his broad forehead. And, seeing this, Lord Vishnu was more than tempted to talk to him. He decided to start the conversation in a soft manner, when he disguised himself as a senior Pandit of the temple.

‘Hello Srini, nice to see you in the temple again, and what brings you here so often?’

‘Well my name is Srinivasan and not Srini. And I don’t believe in giving away, anything to anyone once I get it, so don’t take away the ‘vasan’ part of my name. And, by the way who are you, for I’ve never seen you in this temple in the recent past.’

‘Well–well. I am Lord Vishnu and I reside in all temples as the Lord God, and you all are my disciples. Since, I couldn’t have met you in my divine form because you’re facing some charges. I have come to meet you in human disguise. And, I find off late you have started coming to the temple quite regularly.’

‘Yes-yes, I am now inclined to come to the temple for regular blessings. It acts like a relieving bout of physiotherapy. Since I am bruised because of this stupid IPL case where they have got me involved, for conflict of interest. But, please don’t give me that cock and bull story of you being Lord Vishnu. Anyone, out here can recognize me as I’m a celebrity. And what do you want from me?’

‘Well, I am Lord God Vishnu, and I want you to return my name ‘Srinivasan’ to me.’

‘Maybe, your name is Vishnu, but mine is Srinivasan. So where is the conflict and why should I return your name?’

‘Well, Srinivasan is a synonym of Vishnu. And, there lies our conflict, so please return my name, as it stands for goodness.’

‘Return your name, what do you exactly mean by that?’

‘I mean return my holy name to me. Renounce it, and keep some other name matching your profile and characteristics.’

‘Are you mad? Why should I spoil another name. Instead let me keep spoiling this age old and tested name only. And, moreover, you have now become a synonym of me, and I am no more a synonym of yours.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Lord God Vishnu in some surprise.

‘I mean, I have a wider copyright on the name ‘Srinivasan’ and its synonyms, then you. The very word Srinivasan reminds everyone of me and not you, anymore.’

‘And moreover as a policy I don’t return anything I get or I earn. Entire India knows how I am fighting tooth and nail for my position as the BCCI chief. And you can see it for yourself, I am not giving up.’

‘But, you are priding all the way, with my all powerful name. Moreover, you run the game of cricket considered a religion in this country, as its God, yet you don’t manage the game with any Godly instincts. Shouldn’t you just move away, on your own, till the entire enquiry gets over, and also surrender my name till your name is cleared.’

‘See I am a modern day ‘God’ and I manage affairs in modern ways. But you happen to be an ancient ‘God’ with ancient value system, and system of governance. So, you please carry on, and let’s meet after this bloody case is over.’

With the conversation heading nowhere, Lord God Vishnu decides to leave quite demoralized; is when Srinivasan makes a request,

‘God can you surrender your name ‘Vishnu?’

‘But why?’ asks God.

‘Because, I now realize I have a complete copyright on my name ‘Srinivasan’ and its synonym ‘Vishnu.’



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