By Kamlesh Tripathi


The prime mission of (RSS) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or National Volunteer Organization” or National Patriotic Organization is to revitalise Indian value system based on universalism, peace and prosperity to all under the divinity of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Holding a world view that the world is just one big family, so propounded by ancient thinkers and carried forward by many others of present day and age. But some contemporary leaders also link it to be the Hindu renaissance. But before getting into this never ending debate let us more objectively and tangibly see how RSS can help the poor Indian work force out of the current quagmire. In fact it would not be out of context to highlight certain issues where RSS can contribute immensely in the present scenario of India.


RSS is an organization that works through its ‘Shahkhas.’ (Shakha-Hindi for “branch”) Most of the organisational work of the RSS is done through the coordination of these shakhas or branches. These shakhas are run for an hour a day in many public places. In 2004 as many as 60,000 shakhas were there throughout India. But the number of these Shakhas had fallen by over 10,000 since the fall of BJP led government in 2004 but has again swelled to 40,000 in 2014 after BJPs returned to power in Delhi.


These shakhas regularly conduct activities for its volunteers that include; physical fitness, yoga; exercises and also games. It also performs diverse activities emphasizing civic sense, social service, community living and patriotism. And, in the very recent, our Prime Minister has flagged of two important issues out of their kitty. He has spoken about the importance of Yoga in the US and has also launched the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ carving out from of the ‘civic sense’ of RSS.

RSS volunteers are also trained in first aid and in rescue and rehabilitation works. And, last but not the least physical fitness and security drills. Where, they are regular performers and also teach the art of self defense on a regular basis. An art much required in present times.


But that apart, there is something more RSS can do very effectively. What comes to my mind is a comprehensive physical training for our poor work force in the rural and urban areas. Since the physicality of a human body is well understood by RSS volunteers, having been in the business of physical fitness for so long, so who else would know this trait better than them. In fact, I would rate RSS as one of the premier organisations for doing this job, clubbed with skill building and providing work-aids or designing new ones to make the jobs of our poor brethren more humane. So, in a more detailed manner RSS can thus delve in the following issues:

  • Train labourers how to carry maximum load on their back without damaging the backbone, muscles or even their skull.
  • What precautions to take, while working in open fields, as human body is subjected to nagging and devastating pollution all over. Here I would also like to mention about the traffic police that works endlessly on polluted roads, and also the factory labour.
  • RSS is also a knowledge reservoir and can help in the development of small implements that can help poor labourers to exert less, at the same time not bring down their output. Something, like a wheel barrow.
  • Develop Small working aids that can help women in giving equal output as men. One can take the cue from MNREGA where women are paid less basis their output.
  • And if pregnant women have to work what precautions they need to take, and what are the safer jobs which they can perform.
  • Security drills for our hapless working community, especially working ladies.
  • They can even hasten the project of 100% literacy. Which is currently at a level of 75%.

On a more realistic note the girth of this mammoth exercise is going to be stupendous and will touch the heart and mind of every Indian irrespective of caste, creed and religion. For it will be for the Indians in the bottom of the pyramid. Quite, appropriately, for the needy and therefore sterling, noble and even centre of right and left. Surely RSS can make an alternate beginning and see its tinge brighten even further.






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