By Kamlesh Tripathi

Yesterday while I was driving down from Lucknow to Delhi something very pathetic happened that I must share with you all. After we crossed Kanpur we entered #Kanpur Dehaat a separate district of UP just before Orai.

There I stopped at a Dhaba and ordered for a cup of tea. Meanwhile, I noticed some five policemen were seated on the adjacent table, having a cup of tea early in the morning along with some snacks. Soon, I felt something was amiss or unusual, and sure enough one out of them who appeared, as their head by tone and tenor was not having tea; but whisky early in the morning and that too in uniform. And, that wasn’t all. He then came down to his choicest ones and started delivering it royally to the chain of command-the establishment, ending at his top boss the Superintendent of Police. In some sympathy I uttered ‘poor SP.’ The best part was each time he abused his seniors, he swore by his upright sterling character.

And when he was done with the green bottle- the whisky pint. He arrogantly chucked it at the wall, and it came crashing down like his own values. The remaining four, appearing his juniors only kept watching in embarrassment, and that included me, and some others around, along with the Dhaba owner.


But I am more than sure the rogue policeman’s boss- the SP sitting in his office must still be thinking all those constables who salute him day in and day out also respect him.

Perhaps the rogue cop was also trying to say ‘values start from the top.’



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