BOOK REVIEW: “RHYTHM ROGER … The Secrets of Election” by Himanshu Rai


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This is only an attempt to create interest in reading. We may not get the time to read all the books in our lifetime. But such reviews, talk and synopsis will at least convey what the book is all about.

    “Rhythm Roger … The Secrets Of Electon” is a book by Himanshu Rai. It’s a telecom fantasy. The publisher of the book is Invincible Publishers and the price of the book is Rs 199.

    I had enjoyed reading the earlier novel of the author which was a love story if my memory serves me right but this is a different genre—a science fiction for niche readers. Needless to say that after Wuhan virus, science fictions, have started looking more earthly. Anything can happen anytime. Kabhi bhi kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

   I would have preferred a much more comprehensive preface, and a striking, story revealing, back page, by the author, for love at first sight with the book but it was not to be. The author flags a seminal fear that has begun to engulf the world. He says that if the virtual world of Smartphones, Tablets, Pub-G and, mobile screens start taking precedence over Football and Basketball fields, and games such as Hide-and-Seek, or Running round the trees, and hugging buddies and talking and rejoicing with friends the world is surely in a kind of an impending danger. Not an abnormal thought till Covid-19 struck the world that has changed many old and sound perspectives of the world.

    Since, it’s a recently launched book, I won’t be a spoiler but yes let me give you some pointers. The story is about ET (extra-terrestrial). Their world is different. It opens in a place called Electon, the electromagnetic world, once ruled by queen Anagol. The place is infested by spiders where on the tallest peak of Electon the peak of ‘Spuder’ is the house of Crawler the ferocious looking spider.

    The chief protagonist is Rhythm a scientist in Finland who has been a part of the world’s first mobile call. But the day has more to offer. The same night he meets someone who resembles an alien and what follows is something quite unexpected. The alien is from Electon. He has come for a very special task, and that is to get the crown prince of Electon who happens to be scientist Rhythm, back to Electon. Rhythm is destined to fight against the dark forces who are trying to take over Election, and it is now for Rhythm to save the electromagnetic world of Electon. This results in a great tussle between the V-slots and the D-slots. When D-slots come into their full existence, humans will become slaves to mobiles. They will keep these mobiles always with them. They will transfer images, videos, and many more things in seconds causing disruption and information bulging. They would start using D-slots for voice calls and soon V-slots will start dying.

    The book is quite a roller-coaster ride with too many characters and a plethora of happenings, difficult to, routinely memorise and internalise, mostly in the ambit of extra-terrestrial, reminding you of the old Doordarshan serial Star-Trek. Many of these characters do not have a consequential role in the story but they have good styling and interesting names. Author has undertaken a tough mental drill to spin out interesting names, and has linked it up all too well with certain scientific and IT personalities of the world.

    When Rhythm emerges in Electon he transforms into a young Roger. After third or the fourth chapter one loses count of the myriad characters and the gush and flush of happenings and that is where I feel a comprehensive preface would have kept the reader abreast about the holistic motive or mission of this science fiction, chapter after chapter, which is missing, and for a long part of the book, a sense of the ultimate mission, remains a suspense barring the face off between D-slots and V-slots. But who are D-slots and V-slots? Well … Read the book to find out.

    The book has twenty-two chapters spread over some two hundred and fourteen pages. The graphics and illustrations are interesting and only adds to your imagination of how the sci-fi characters look like.

    Author’s flight of imagination is interesting. He must have spent a good amount of time researching it. He has connected his imagination with the scientists of the past and certain inventors of present times. The book takes you through quite a few countries and continents and through the usual switch off-switch on style of entries and exits of alien characters. In between there is also a speck of love between two important characyers.

   The language used by author is plain English. The book connects things that exist in the human world and their technical replicas in Electon which is again interesting. Something like scientist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented a unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic waves in the book. The virtual world which is always around human beings, but cannot be seen or felt, is the world of unknown powers, known as Electon. “World is not only what we see.” Rhythm has entered Electon, now it’s your turn to take your path to know about the secrets of the Electon World. Such is the advice given to him.

    The book has a sudden ending like many other science fictions which goes on and on, episode after episode, where the author leaves tectonic issues, unresolved, for some other eon, or galaxy or planet to resolve. The war between the D-slots and V-slots shall go on. D-slots have entered planet earth. And yes there is an uncle of Rhythm on earth who offers him Reindeer’s meat. Have you tasted Reindeer’s meat? 

    Overall it’s an interesting read provided you like science fiction. I guess the prime readers would be the younger group between 15 and 30. I would give the book five out of ten.

    Goodbye and see you soon.

By Kamlesh Tripathi



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