By Kamlesh Tripathi



Good bye 2016,

Welcome 2017,

And the turn of teens,

Only makes me feel umpteen.


For 16 was good, and well understood,

Tough, but still withstood,

And straight forward too, so never misunderstood,

And with the help of all that,

17 is now a likelihood.


With the thick of life, thin comes along,

And with sweet 16, 17 comes along,

Just as, with the past, the future comes along,

And with the sorrows, the joys come along.


Each new year springs up new hopes,

Each coming year throws up new goals,

Where you roll back old scrolls,

To live in with your new roles.


For I have new resolutions to make,

Old resolutions to break,

For old time is ticking,

New time is revving.


For remember triumphantly,

Life holds no sway, without the bygone days,

But will stop to breathe, without the flowering days,

So 17 on 16 is the order of the day.


Life churns, only with the churn of years,

And there is no life, without the change of years,

So welcome 17 and say goodbye to 16

For that is the real trending.



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