#Airtel -Arrogance


By Kamlesh Tripathi



#AIRTEL’S- Arrogance

    I have an Airtel number against which the bill amount was being deducted through ECS directly from my account. I later on requested Airtel to discontinue the system of ECS, as I started making payments from my account directly through NET-BANKING and at times even before the bill was generated for my own convenience.

But to my surprise I found in spite of my making direct payments in the first week of the month they continued to deduct money through ECS from my account, and therefore for a couple of months I was made to pay twice the amount of the bill. And, all this happened, when I got several calls from the company, that the system of ECS payment has been discontinued and that is why I made direct payments.

When I requested Airtel to refund my excess amount through several tweet messages, I got the same standard replied that we are looking into the matter but then no one called. I also tried to request them by making calls where I was told the amount will be adjusted against my next bill.

Now comes, the moot point of essence. Suppose I have limited money in my account and I have kept it for something important and suddenly from nowhere this ECS comes and deducts my cash balance even when my bills are paid. It upsets my cash flow and some other EMI of my bounces, who is to be blamed. For a corporate as big as Airtel an amount of eleven to twelve hundred can be a small amount but for an individual it may not be that small an amount at a particular moment. And why should my EMI bounce for no fault of mine, but the fault of Airtel.

Now what is the redressal? Will Airtel give me harassment charges? Because a simple cash incentive or an interest doesn’t parallel the harassment one undergoes when being treated like that, as it kills your lively personna. Surely #Airtel appears to be an arrogant company behind the garb of customer delight.

#Consumer #forums and #TRAI should come out with a guideline on this, even if it is a small issue as it will help many consumers. My Airtel mobile number is 9971494795 about which the above dissatisfaction has been detailed.

Today morning when I got a call from Airtel number 011-400481191 which was to sell one of their plans, I have again requested them to refund my amount.

CC Mr #SunilBhartiMittal- requested to kindly look into the matter even if its a small complaint as it has large implications on consumer convenience.


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