By Kamlesh Tripathi

morning walk 1morning walk 2morning walk 3morning walk



Is like the retreat in heaven,

As refreshing as the fresh breeze,

Arising from the seas of all the seven,

While it starts from the break of day,

And lasts till the last drop of frost in the blade.


It prepares me for the day,

And detaches me from the wearies of my yesterday,

It sinews my vision,

And orchestrates my system,

To fire the spark of momentum,

That leapfrogs me to meritorious action.


When I see the sun rising,

The birds twittering,

The animals stretching,

Insects trancing,

And humans jogging.


It beguiles me to act,

Warrants me to react,

To take on mighty life each day,

Where, I stand as a dwarf.


And while walking every morning,

I plan my day,

Introspect my bygone years,

And rekindle my aspirations,

That execute, my ensuing destinations.


And as I walk around the meadows, the sun rises,

And with that my hope augurs,

Is when the refreshing breeze, huddles me around,

Only to tell me I’m not alone in the walk of life.


And to take me to my morning walk,

The earth rotates and the galaxy acrobats,

The sun shows up at the horizon,

Where the cool breeze comes as an x-factor.


For everyone has a part to play,

Where the rising Sun brings about the warmth,

The mystic breeze the freshness,

And your workout the spice for the day.


One day when I missed my morning walk,

I felt,

I missed my day,

Lost my warmth,

Waylaid my health,

And scattered my hurray!


Since then I show up each day,

Doesn’t matter summer, winter or rains,

As morning walk is the purest of the pure

Act of my day.







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