New Doc 19_1 

    India has never been the cat’s whiskers in the world stage. Today, if one was asked to speak high about India on a world platform. Many would talk about its cultural diversity, growing economy, burgeoning and young talented population, IT, cricket team etc. etc.

But no one would talk about Indian Agriculture. As its contribution to Indian GDP has dipped to a mere 14%. Even when 60% of the Indian population still depends on it.

But there is another way of looking at Indian Agriculture, where it is the cat’s whisker in the world stage:

“Indian farmers without the latest of agri technology, are able to feed over one billion people in the Indian sub-continent; and if you get them the latest agri technology they could feed the world.”

So let’s not fool farmers. In fact we should give them the right place in the society. For, we can live without political parties such as AAP and even survive with poor infrastructure. But we can’t survive without food.

The enclosed article ‘Death of the Kisan’ by Saraika Ghose is well meant in this direction.


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