By Kamlesh Tripathi

Sitaram Yechury’s elevation as CPM’s General Secretary.

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There is enough space for even fifty more political parties to enter the political arena of India, provided they are different. Today, most voters, if you were to ask them individually may not be quite happy with the existing political set ups because of their huge ideological and integrity deficit. And, this was one of the main reasons why AAP was seen as a game changer that came with the cult of Mohalla sabhas and volunteer style of canvassing. The ideologue was so very powerful and had the potential of swallowing, every other family run political party barring BJP. And, AAP also came with an eye-catching tag of acting as a party that was opposed to VVIP culture, and these promises coupled with the halo of Anna Hazare and the much relevant ‘India against corruption’ agitation, appealed immensely to the tired and helpless Indian population. There was a great amount of cheer and hope that AAP had brought along; and seeing this the traditional and family owned parties were overawed by their fast track success. But they too behaved like any other political party and after attaining 67 out of 70 seats they renounced austerity, imbibed VVIP culture and started street fights for petty political gains. Today, Arvind Kejriwal is seen no less than a dictator and a great stickler for power, position and perks. And, so once again the voters of India and more so of Delhi felt cheated and stabbed.

BJP too was seen as a messiah after the scam ridden UPA rule; when the voters thought it will bring, the much awaited “Acchey Din” but sad to say it still remains a distant dream as nothing has changed on the ground. And, they too came with huge promises of doing away with VVIP culture but ventured into doing just the opposite, which one can see on TV day in and day out. Their courtship with PDP just to acquire power with a pro-Pakistani Government has confused the voters beyond compare. And, their somersaulting over land acquisition ordnance is not understood by many Indians.

Congress on the other hand is riddled with financial and social scams, where it did not even leave Subhash Chandra Bose over his mysterious disappearance. Other regional parties run by families have their own personal agendas of filling their coffers and looking after only a section of the society. And, with all of this what else can the Election Commission do, than scratching its head off and on.

So, under the circumstances one feels CPM through Sitaram Yechury can revive the Party in a big way only if it can be a party with a difference. For let us understand no ideology is old and irrelevant for it recycles and comes back.  India is known for old wine in new bottle and we alone had a car with nine lives- Ambassdor, on the Indian roads even today. What is out of fashion today, will be the fashion tomorrow. And, let’s not forget the rich and mighty of India, once again have started behaving in a irresponsible manner and so a balancing factor is very much required.

So best of luck to Mr Sitaram Yechury and tweak your party to the aspirations of the emerging youth-force of India.


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