General V.K. Singh should have avoided sharing the stage with Hurriyat leaders in the Pakistan High Commission. For he shouldn’t have forgotten in his prime years he had served and commanded the prestigious Indian army that has thousands of martyrs who fell to the bullets of terrorists emanating out of Pakistan soil. And, his current position- the ministry, towards the twilight of his career is just an off shoot of his meritorious past.

He says he was asked to attend, as a protocol exercise, and, as an ardent and dutiful soldier, who refuses to disobey orders he attended. But sadly, it is not all that simple, especially when you’ve led one of the most reputed armies of the world.

And after having performed this imprudent duty he now should accede to his soldier conscience, which may well prick him now; and if it doesn’t I have no hesitation in calling him a turncoat. And, with all the soul searching humility and humanity at his command he is within strike range and has the option to resign for he must have made many war widows weep, with this one single gesture of his.

And as far as GOI is concerned, it humiliated Indians and especially the Indian Army by sending the Ex-Army chief who is supposed to battle it out; to a stage, shared by anti-nationals, when it could have sent someone much junior, only if it was a must; which it wasn’t.


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