UP is the biggest state of India, with supposedly a huge professional police force. But then why is it that UP Police often gives a clumsy introduction of itself.

From running after minister Azam Khan’s buffaloes, to 40 policemen being caught ticket less while travelling by train just a couple of days ago near Agra, to disposing of bombs in UP style- grab it, dunk it, beat it; again near Agra. The already long list is only increasing.

Surely, the bosses of UP Police need to introspect over the dwindling public impression of the police force.

After all, ‘you are what other people see you as’ – Sartre

Please read the column published in TOI on 19.3.15 wherein UP Policemen take a risky route to diffuse bombs:

“Bomb disposal, UP style: Grab it, dunk it, beat it


Agra: What do you do when confronted with a dozen or so country made bombs on the staircase of a crowded library? Two Agra cops found themselves in such a situation on Tuesday. Their response left onlookers confused about whether to applaud their courage or deplore their stupidity. The duo filled a container with water, then dunked the bombs in it to “neutralize” them.

Not satisfied with their effort and fearful the bombs may still explode, they hunted for sticks and stones and started beating the bombs to pulp. Finally they carried the explosives with them on their motorbike to get rid of them at some safe place.”

Surely, this is not a professional way of diffusing bombs; nor a professional way to display raw guts.


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