Open letter to #ICICI #ChandaKochhar on the methodology of one sided investigation.

CC #RBI #FinanceMinistry #PMO #Supremecourt

Customer account no: 008301504072

Dear Sir,

I had lodged a complaint vide SR343511500 regarding fraud withdrawal of Rs 9500from my account as mentioned above which was acknowledged vide your letter ref no 102114/752593B dated October 24th 2014.

I am sad to say after a lapse of almost three months I have received a very callous reply stating that the amount will not be reimbursed to my account since it has been disbursed; and that I should visit any of your branches to see a clip of a person vide SR352286789. Kindly note I have visited the bank and the person seen in the clip is definitely not me, in which case can I expect a refund now? And in the above context I would also like to seek the following clarifications:

  • Just by your writing that you have investigated the matter does the matter get over. Because it does not give any satisfaction to the aggrieved party who has lost money on account of fraud. On the contrary I could say it is just a one sided enquiry and should be reopened.
  • I am sure you must be keeping a technical report of all your machines. And with that logic I need to know the time difference between the time the ATM was punched for cash and when the cash came out. I checked in Sarita Vihar and people told me many a times because of satellite link failure the ATM has disbursed cash after even 5 minutes and this is dangerous as the account holder might move out thinking ATM is out of order is when the cash will be disbursed
  • Why is it that the #Finance #Ministry and the #RBI is taking this so lightly and in fact they should institute a system whereby some third neutral party should be involved in investigating such frauds.

Kindly let me have a suitable reply.


Kamlesh Tripathi


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