Economic times, reports ’10 Janpath Insider Janardhan Dwivedi Scripts His Own Political Epitaph.’

But while doing so, at his own career risk. He has reminded Congress Party of their follies in an indirect manner. For if the party withers, what will office bearers do anyway?

A devout Congress worker with a mind of his own mind; nerves to convey what is right for the Party, to the otherwise deaf High Command. This is what Janardhan Dwivedi is all about. Even on earlier instances he has tried to communicate issues to the Congress President. But that was not music to her ears. And such is his love for the party.

Congress Party is largely seen as a pro Muslim party. Not so much for the love of Muslims but for their votes. But Muslims have now realized this fact. And, I say this with a lot of conviction because not much has changed in the lives of Muslims even when Congress was in power for the last 60 years or so. Implying either their intentions were not genuine or they were incompetent, because of which they could not bring about the Muslim renaissance.

Politics is all about perception and the image that you create around you. For, I, as a majority community voter saw Congress President Sonia Gandhi with Ahmed Patel as her political secretary, Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister and Anthony as the unofficial number two in the cabinet. All from minority communities. Thus, she vented a perception as if she was uncomfortable with the majority community; even when I could be wrong in this assessment of mine.

And Congress could never counter vehemently the disparaging lilt and tilt towards the word ‘Hindutva.’ In fact any chorus on ‘Hindutva’ was demeaning in UPA regime, and anything about minority was an esoteric wisdom under secularism. Many Congress leaders, to please the high command openly spoke in pro-minority and anti Hindu tones. Some even went to the extent of referring the world’s biggest terrorist ‘Osama’ as ‘Osamaji’ without any heartfelt reprimand by the Party supremos, and I guess such gestures alienated the Indian majority from Congress Party.

What Narendra Modi did was to get the alien majority of India, back into the mainstream. And now Congress is  left with only a few. Janardhan Dwivedi has only deconstructed this point for better understanding of the Congress Party.


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